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When thinking of the advantages of a small screw compressor, it is important to remember that; compressors come in all shapes and sizes – including gigantic machines that keep entire production plants running. However, most of them are smaller, for example those used by do-it-yourselfers or operations that do not require a lot of compressed air.

In many cases, people and companies in those categories don’t have a lot of experience purchasing compressors and are mainly choosing their compressor type based on price – and that usually means buying a small piston compressor.

At first glance, that seems like a prudent strategy. After all, if you don’t need a lot of compressed air, or if you don’t require a constant air supply, then why not go with a model with a lower initial investment?

While piston compressors are certainly the right choice in some cases, in many others, a rotary screw compressor can pay huge dividends and allow you and your business to make a leap forward.




First, let’s look at the price, and for that we have to consider the real costs of compressors. Yes, there is the initial investment, but that actually only makes up a small portion of the total cost of ownership. The bulk of the money you spend on your compressor will go toward energy costs. In this area, a small screw compressor like the G 2-7 range from Atlas Copco offers massive advantages over piston compressors (or its peers, for that matter).

The G 2-7 range is highly efficient and consumes a lot less energy. That not only reduces its operating costs, but also its carbon footprint.





A third big advantage is that an oil-injected rotary screw compressor limits the oil content in your air system, which protects your tools and the quality of your final products. While a typical piston compressor has an oil carry-over of more than 30 ppm, the G 2-7 series produces a fraction of that (5 PPM)!


Finally, with a sound range of 80-85 decibels, piston compressors are very noisy. They are about as loud as a food blender or a garbage disposal, and prolonged exposure to noise like that can lead to hearing loss. That means, to comply with workplace safety standards, you might have set up your compressor far away in an extra room and/or provide noise protection.

The G 2-7, however, is comfortably quiet. These rotary screw compressors feature a noise level as low as 61 decibels, making them the ideal point-of-use companion.

In addition to all of these advantages, the G series now also comes with an Elektronikon® Base controller that makes operating the compressors very easy. And, thanks to their service indications and visual alerts you will never miss recommended maintenance or any potential issues.

So if you are looking to support your growing business, contact Atlas Copco now to find out how the G 2-7 can help you make a big leap forward.