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Laser Cutting Machine Advantages & Features

  /  Laser Cutting Machine Advantages & Features

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are most fast moving machines with low cost of running and high production speeds, it stands the most demanded and beneficial machine machines for Fabrication Workshop and Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing.  Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in advertising signage production, sheet metal structure, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, textile machinery parts, kitchen utensils, automobiles, machinery, elevators, electrical parts, spring films, subway parts and other industries. Fiber laser cutting machine has a high precision of cutting machine, which is suitable for the cutting of precision parts and the fine cutting of various craft words and drawings, and the cutting speed is fast. Cutting precision is an important part to measure the quality of laser cutting machine. The precision of the worktable determines the repetition accuracy of laser cutting. The higher the precision of the worktable, the higher the cutting accuracy.


  1. Longer life expectancy, the machine can be used for 100,000 hours.
  2. Advanced Technology, Equipped with high quality components.
  3. Provides High precision cutting with Position Accuracy ±0.02mm and repeat   positioning accuracy of ±0.03mm
  4. Provides Smooth Cutting surface as compared to traditional Plasma and Gas Cutting i.e no burr cutting surface / smooth cutting surface with high quality finish
  5. Speed of the Machine is 1.0G / 1.5G that provides quick acceleration for the required cutting pattern for mass production keeping the quality intact
  6. Fly Cut option that is among best of the options for 1mm sheet thickness which provides immense Fast Cutting with Mirror Finishing that saves Time & Running Cost for the machine
  7. Low Maintenance compared to Traditional Plasma and Gas Cutting
  8. Low running cost that Saves Costs for Consumable as compared to Plasma Cutting
  9. Less Spread of Heat on work piece, so does not damage the work piece
  10. Auto Adjustable laser head that makes sure Laser head doesn’t come in contact with the Work Piece.
  11. Advance CNC programming, that minimizes material wastages, can be cut in different shapes, to maximize material utilization.
  12. Optionally comes with cover for environmental protection, low noise, clean, safe, pollution-free working environment with separate exhaust to make sure fume doesn’t stay in work place
  13. Local Service & Support Available from Expert CNC Engineers who will provide installation, training for the machine operation along with troubleshooting handling & response time less than 24 hours from the time or reporting.




  1. LASER SOURCE: The machine is equipped with the world leader in Fiber Laser Technology, IPG Photonics; Laser Powers vary from 1000W to 20000W, based on cutting thickness requirements. Standard IPG has 100,000 Hour Life time and is the most stable Fiber Laser Source in the Market.         (Optional : IPG , RAYCUS) 
  2. LASER CUTTING HEAD: the Laser Head is from RAYTOOLS, Switzerland, with features like, Auto-Focus Laser Cutting Technology with High Speed, High Thickness, and Lower Cost of Consumables.
  3. CNC SYSTEM: CYPCUT / TUBE PRO Laser cutting Control System is provided along with the machine with intelligent features such as Auto-Nesting and Designing. It provides extensive laser cutting process parameters.
  4. OPERATING TABLE : The Table is made by hard steel. Highly precise CNC milled to best cutting accuracy.
  5. VOLTAGE STABILIZED POWER SUPPLY : Connected to the laser, the CNC machine tool and the power supply system. It is mainly to prevent the interference from external power grid.
  6. COLD WATER UNIT : Water chiller of Fiber cutting machine’s water system adopts double temperature water chiller, one is cooling laser and the other is cooling cutting head.
  7. SERVO MOTOR : Built with a compact footprint, yet provide a higher torque while maintaining an inertia rating well within the medium range.
  8. MOTOREDUCE REDUCER : More Powerful, High Efficiency, High Rigidity, Output Diversification
  9. CONTROL CABINET SYSTEM : All electrical components and laser are built-in to the independent control cabinet with a dust-proof design to prolong the lifespan of the electrical components.
  10. GAS CYLINDER : Including the laser cutting machine working medium cylinder and auxiliary cylinder.
  11. AIR COMPRESSOR , GAS STORAGE TANK : Supply and storage of compressed air.
  12. AIR COOLING DRYER and FILTER : It is used to supply clean dry air to laser generator and beam path. So as to maintain normal operation of passages and mirrors.
  13. THE EXHAUST DUST COLLECTOR : To properly exhaust fumes and smoke from the laser cutting process.





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